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Hope Roalfe is a broad-based graphic designer living in South East London. Her inspiration spurs from the little pockets of beauty that are taken for granted in the big city. Whether they are shop signs, a seedy hotel room, or a ‘greasy spoon’ cafe menu, she enjoys taking these things out of their context so that their beauty (or un-beauty) can be seen above their functionality and they can be appreciated at face value.

Hope specialises in print, typography and exhibition design and documents her thoughts through film photography and poetry. She makes work around themes such as place, love, celebration and decay.

Hope publishes books around the theme of ‘dying space’ under the alias ‘Sanctum’, click here to visit the Sanctum instagram. She is also one quarter of Something Studios, a studio which focuses on mindful design that is in touch with the spaces and situations surrounding us.

Contact Hope here.


BA in Graphic Design (Camberwell College of Arts)

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (London College of Communication)

Exhibitions + Print Fairs:

Science Fantasy (2020) (Curator)

Festival (2019) (Curator)

Duplicate (2019) (Seller)

Wavey Garms ‘Wavey Day Out’ (2019) (Seller)

Show and Tell (2019) (Curator + Seller)

WIP Show (2019) (Curator)

Sweepstake (2018) (Curator)

2/3 Exbition (2018)

Spaces of Encounter (2018)

Encyclopedia Typographica (2018)

Cargo Collective
Frogtown, Los Angeles